Javier Aguilar Berlin, a Violinist and Baroque Musician

"It's not the photographer who makes the picture, but the person being photographed." 

                            - Sebastião Salgado 

Light makes the world around us possible to observe. Darkness gives us depth into the unknown.

LUX STUDIO aims to navigate between the two of them, bringing into reality  the authentic colors of your personal story. 


Image (Still & in Motion) and Sound are our tools to express your ideas, and most important, your dreams.


Making your story happen.

Portrait of a Woman with jewelry and red lips. She is holding one hand in front of her face.
Violinist, a woman holding a violin in front a green Wall.
Portrait of a woman. Green colorgrading and she is wearing an oversize blazer
Portrait, woman with closed eyes and sun light, dreamy
Portrait with natural light. Woman looking out of the window
Black and white picture of a cellist. She is sitting behind the cello and leaning over it
A guy touching a piano. A picture with emotions
A pianist playing the piano full of emotions
Portrait of a Cellist. She is looking out of the window. Soft pastel colors with a dreamy mood
Cellist sitting in front an open window. Dreamy mood with soft pastel colors. She is holding the cello in front of her
summer drinks with flowers play with light and shadow, warm mood

All the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow. 

                                   – Leo Tolstoy

Drinks with flowers and minimal decoration
Two drinks (aperol) with light and shadow reflection

Javier is a professional violinist and musician. Being in the artistic industry for several years, he has developed his own philosophy  towards audiovisual content. 
Graduated in the University of Arts   

in Berlin,
he provides engineering, mixing, mastering for audio-recordings.
On the other hand, he also serves his skills as videographer, editor, and colorist of video-productions for musicians and artists. 

Loves dogs and the ocean. 

Man playing the violin with a window shadow

Rebekka is a photographer specialised 

in portraits and product / lifestyle photography. 

She studied Cultural Studies & Gender Studies in Berlin.
Her background conveys a sociological context to her photography. 

She educated herself at the Academy Chico Chihan in Berlin with focus on Studio, Portrait, Product Photography as well Videography. 

Loves cats and spicy food. 

Portrait of a woman with a shadow of a window in the face

Photo by: Elvira Nisman