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Our team offers a variety of combinable services  such as:​

Anker 1

- For individuals, couples or ensembles: 

We schedule a date, location and motif of the shooting (casual, artistic, wedding, business pictures). 


This service includes:     

  • The shooting 

  • Post production: Selection and  editing with Photoshop 

  • Providing a variety of shots, so that the client can use them for several purposes                       

Most of the time both members of Lux Studio are in the shooting, assisting and providing different perspectives to a same subject.


Lux studio  offers the possibility of filming videographic projects such as:


  • Teasers

  • Videoclips

  • Interviews

  • Mini-documentaries

  • Performance videos of musicians, dancers and artists in general. 


Our team takes care of the filming, DOP, editing, color grading and mastering (with DaVinci Resolve) of the  material. 

Additionally we offer audio- recordings:

  • High quality recordings with studio microphones

  • Specializing in acoustic, classical and neo-classical  instrument perfomances. 

  • From vocals , guitars, pianos to string ensembles up to 4 musicians.

We take care of the audio engineering, edition, mixing and mastering of the material.



Anker 2
Anker 3

Contact us if you would like to request one or several of our services, we offer discounts for packs such as photo, audio and video-shooting.

For bookings, price, questions and further inquiries, do not hesitate to drop us a message here in the click button:

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